Captain Dmitry Odoev after the fight

Captain Dmitry Odoev

Photo of Captain Dmitry Odoyev, made after the battle for the party card. The summer of 1942.

Odoev Dmitry Arkhipovich – participant of the Great Patriotic War from the first days in the post of commander of an anti-tank battery. For two days on June 25-26, 1941, his battery (four 45-mm guns) destroyed up to 20 enemy tanks near Baranovichi, Belarus.
At the end of August 1941 Dmitry Odoyev was surrounded, but managed to cross the front line with his subordinates. Later he was appointed commander of an artillery battalion, assistant to the chief of the operational department with the chief of artillery of the 21st Army.
Dmitry Odoev participated in the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk, the liberation of Poland and Czechoslovakia. By the end of the Second World War was the commander of the artillery regiment as a lieutenant colonel.



Location: USSR
Date: Summer 1942

In : 1942

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