American aircraft carrier Yorktown and escort ships are firing near Midwaya atoll

aircraft carrier Yorktown

The American aircraft carrier Yorktown and other reconnaissance ships are firing to repel the attack of Japanese torpedo bombers in the battle of Midway Atoll.

“Yorktown” aircraft carrier, already damaged in the first attack by Japanese deck diving bombers – in the center. Three bombs hit the ship.

In less than an hour he was again attacked by ten Japanese torpedo bombers flying at low altitude under the cover of six fighters. Divided into groups, they attacked Yorktown from four different directions and fired torpedoes from a distance of 500 meters. Two of them reached their goal: the ship lost its course and tilted to starboard. In the future, the aircraft carrier left by the crew was sunk with two torpedoes from the Japanese submarine X-168.



Location: Midway Atoll
Date: June 4, 1942

In : 1942

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