Abandoned T-35 multi-turret tank in the village Zapytov

Abandoned T-35 multi-turret tank in the village Zapytov

German soldiers inspect and taking pictures on the background of the Soviet T-35 heavy tank multi-turret, which was abandoned in the streets of Central Zapytov village of Kamenka-Bug district of the Lviv region, western Ukraine. This T-35 from the 67th armored regiment of the 34th Tank Division of the 8th Mechanized Corps of the South-Western Front. Serial № 234-42. Extract from the act of writing off the Soviet war machine, “July 3, 1941, the village Zapytov. T-35 crashed, burst cylinder and burned the main clutch. T-35 is given in disrepair. Armament dismantled. The commander of a combat vehicle – Yakovlev”.

Abandoned T-35 tank with a conical turret and turret box with vertical walls. Driver Hatches – folding, side skirts fitted with hatches accessing the chassis of early type in the rear recess of the main turret mounted machine gun, right in the main turret hatch – rectangular.
Based on these grounds, it is the earliest version of the T-35 with conical turrets, released in late 1938.


Photography Location: village Zapytov, Lviv region, Ukraine, USSR
Time taken: July 1941

In : 1941

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