88th separate heavy tank regiment near the Reichstag wall

heavy tank regiment

A group portrait of the 88th separate Guards heavy tank regiment near the Reichstag wall, in which the regiment took part in the assault.

Michael Pitelman (a nurse who pulled out tankmen from burning tanks, was awarded the Order of Glory 2 and 3 degrees and a medal “For Valor”), the platoon commander of reconnaissance VI. Kuznetsov, deputy chief of staff Komarovsky, unknown, unknown, the driver of the tank II. Smirnov, unknown, I. Herman, chief of staff of the regiment N.V. Wide, the regiment commander – Colonel Pyotr Grigoryevich Mzhachikh, Adjutant Molotkov, Timchenko, deputy regiment commander – Major Philip M. Zharkoy, Valentina ?, zampoteh regiment, I.P. Romanchenko, the doctor Prokhorenko,?,?.



Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 09 May 1945
Author: Konstantin Kuramshin

In : 1945

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