World War Photos  – genre of started to develop as early as the 1930s of the last century, when magazines and newspapers began to appear unique images of war taken by military correspondents on the battlefields of Spain and China.

With war reporting can be related to the occurrence of the very concept of World War 2 Images.

In the era of the Second World War 2 Images photojournalists sought at the forefront and doing their job right under enemy fire. Many of these images documentary killed while carrying out their journalistic duty.

Stunning World War 2 Images of that time made ​​very differently – one of the photographers working on the emotions of spectators, some did not hesitate to use the staged incidents, while others worked to agitators and their images obtained strikingness sound. Whatever it was, all the World War 2 images, made ​​by military correspondents in combat bloody turmoil of events obtained truly soulful and memorable.

One of the founders of the genre of World War 2 images, and certainly the most famous war photojournalist in the history of the images is Robert Capa, whose real name is Andre Erno Friedman. His images career began Capa in 1931 in Berlin. After the Nazis came to power, he moved to Paris, where he opened his agency photojournalism. He shot all the important events of that time in France and Europe, invisibly attending with his camera at meetings and demonstrations. By the mid-1930s, Robert Capa had already gained fame and gained tremendous experience that he later needed for filming World War 2 Photos.

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